White on White

White doesn't always have to be boring!  It's all about what you do with White that counts.  White can be just as interesting as any other colour.  Think about layering different tones of White and adding White accents in different textures to create the interest.  White is still one of the most popular colours when it comes to paint colours.  Many people go back to White as it's neutral, goes with anything and makes a good base for any style or colour scheme.  It also appeals to anyone since it's not a personal colour and doesn't really date.  Often people choose to go for White as they think it's the easy option.  However when they start to look at White paint colours they then realise how many are available and often can become confused.  But choosing the right White doesn't have to be a chore.  We've taken the hard work out of a White on White interior with these brilliant ideas.

Tip: When looking at Whites, you need to consider what else in is the room to determine the tone of White that is required.  If you have cooler tones in your space, then you'll need to look at cooler Whites otherwise it will throw off too much warmer tones in your White like yellow or beige.  The key to knowing if you have selected the correct tone is that when you put it with the other colours in your space the White shouldn't change colour too much (i.e. look too yellow or too grey).  Also when choosing a White for your paint colour, think about how much contrast you want between your ceilings, walls and woodwork.  If you want some contrast then go for a slightly darker White on your walls than your ceilings and woodwork.  If you are using the same White for walls and ceilings, bear in mind that your ceilings will appear slightly darker due to the sheen level of the ceiling paint (flat finish vs low sheen or matt etc) and also that ceilings don't have as much light reflecting on them so create more shadows which also makes them look a little darker than your walls.  If you are wanting your ceilings and walls to look the same, then opt for the next strength on your walls - i.e. quarter strength on your ceilings and half strength on your walls to play a trick on the eye and give the illusion of the same colour.  And if you are painting your woodwork White, look at using a water based enamel such as Dulux Aquanamel Semi Gloss / Gloss or Haymes Ultra Trim Semi Gloss as water based enamels are just as hard wearing as oil however won't yellow over time like oil based paints do.  

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Alpen

Dulux Snowy Mountains 1/4

Dulux White Verdict 1/2

Dulux Lexicon 1/4

Dulux White on White

Dulux Terrace White

Dulux Wash & Wear 
+ Super Hide Low Sheen White 

Feast Watson
Floor Paint

Haymes UltraTrim
Semi Gloss White

Vision Reclaimed
2701-22037 Wallpaper


Vallila Phojola
5242-3 Metallic Wallpaper


Komar Pure
P022-VD2 Pure Wall Mural

Images sourced from Pinterest

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