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Iquip Turbo Roller

Iquip Turbo Roller Sleeves

Faster & Easier Painting With Less Spatter

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Faster & Easier Painting With Less Spatter

11mm: is suited for applying enamels, semi gloss & gloss acrylic paints on smooth surfaces. Produces fine stippled finish.

15mm: is suited for applying flat and low sheen acrylic paints to smooth to moderately textured surfaces.

22mm: is suited for applying acrylic paints to porous, textured, and rough surfaces. It produces a coarser stippled finish. It is also well-suited for applying coatings to rough surfaces, texture coatings, brickwork, and render.


  • 26% More Fabric Surface Area, Providing More Paint Per Dip
  • 21% Reduced Rotational Velocity, Meaning Less Spatter, Less Mess, Less Waste
  • Proven USA Polyester Fabric, For Ultimate Finish With AU Paints & Coatings
  • No Special Frame Required, Compatible With Most Standard Cage & Yoke Roller Frame Designs
  • Resealable Packaging, To Eliminate Water & Paint Wastage
  • Heavy Duty Solvent Resistant Core, Suitable For Acrylic & Solvent Based Paints

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