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Impressive Gables that make a Statement!

Wanting to create that open and airy feeling to your space? Then add a Gable Roof! A Gable can instantly make any room feel more spacious as well as making a feature and statement because of the high ceiling height. Not only do Gables look impressive on the inside, but they also look just as good on the outside. Gables were previously used in traditional buildings, however they have become a part of modern architecture with many adding Gables to their buildings. Long gone are the days of only cladding your exterior gable infill to highlight it which can sometimes feel like you are cutting your building into two. The more modern approach is to extend your exterior wall into the gable by keeping it all the same material and or colour and then highlighting the outline of the gable peak. This will give more height to your building and will make it appear more grand. Many are now also adding windows into gables as well, which can be a great way to add some extra natural lighting to your interior and another way to make a real modern statement.

Tips: If your style is based on modern clean lines, then opt for a more simple gable construction design for your interior and try to limit too many small roofing rafters. Or if you can’t change your existing gable, then try to paint out the beams or clad them in the same material as your ceiling, so you are highlighting the size of your gable rather than these busier areas. And if you are really wanting your interior gable to stand out then think about having your gable in a different material or colour to your walls for contrast and maximum impact.

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