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Wooster Pelican Hand Held Pail Liners (3 pack)

Wooster Pelican Hand Held Pail Liners (3 pack)

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This handheld brush and roller tray by Wooster allows you carry your mini-roller, brush and paint with you whenever and wherever you need.

The paint tray liners are made of clear, solvent-resistant PET, which is a recycled plastic.

  • Pack of 3 clear liners.

  • 1 Litre (or 1 quart) liquid capacity

  • Liners are rigid and perfectly form fitting.

  • Great for color changes and easy disposable with little clean-up.

  • 140mm roll-on grid area. Fits any roller cover up to 140mm.

  • Built-in magnet still holds your brush even with paint tray liner.

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