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Wagner Flexio 990 Direct Feed S2


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The Flexio 990 Direct Feed is ideal for walls, ceilings and other medium to large painting projects around the house and garden. Precision spraying projects such as doors, windows, furniture and much more can be sprayed with the additional Standard spray attachment.

• Direct feed system draws paint directly from the paint container for non-stop painting.

• Powerful X-BOOST™ turbine sprays any conventional paints with no dilution required.

• Revolutionary i-Spray nozzle technology for fast application and full coverage.

• Pump easily secures to various sized paint containers.

• Variable paint and air flow adjustment to suit the type of material being sprayed and the project type.

• Click & Paint™ design allows for a range of spray attachment options.

• Comes with an additional Standard spray attachment for spraying lacquer, varnish, stain and other thinner materials.

This product carries a 2 year DIY warranty.