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Wagner Flexio 575


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An ideal wall sprayer, the Flexio 575 is an all-purpose indoor and outdoor paint sprayer with 2-speeds. Compatible with the range of Click & Paint Spray Attachments, simply add a Standard spray attachment for fine-finishing, and you have a sprayer that’s perfect for any project – indoors or out. Comes with 1.3l i-Spray Attachment.

The power of the turbine can be varied (low/high) to suit most coatings. The volume of paint can also be adjusted to suit the material being sprayed and the project type.

The i-Spray attachment allows interior acrylic paints to be atomised undiluted to achieve even paint coverage and a great finish. You can also spray thick exterior acrylics onto coarser surfaces. Instead of applying two coats of paint with a brush or roller, spray the same amount of paint in much less than half the time.

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