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Uni-Pro Jumbo Decking Brush

Uni-Pro Jumbo Decking Brush

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Product Description

  • Wide 175mm brush

  • Designed for staining or oiling decking

  • Easy to use and saves time

  • Includes adjustable extension pole

Long, flexible brush filaments get between each oard to ensure coating of sides as well as the time.

Most decking applicators only coat the surface, the Jumbo brush has long, thick filaments to apply coating into the gaps between each board - all in a single stroke.

The 175mm width covers multiple boards and the thick, 50mm depth carries more paint, oil or stain so you get the job done quicker.

The Jumbo Brush can be used for other applicatins such as painting concrete, bricks or rough surfaces.

Made to last with a solid block, post and stainless steel ferrule.