Customer Testimonials


"Hey Julia, 

Thanks for the heads up and awesome customer service and consideration about my project, this is honestly the first time any company has sent me an informative email letting me know they need to order some of my order and that there will be a delay so I truly do appreciate it!"

-          Aaron 19/10/2020


"Thank you so much for sending the missing items and chuppa chup! ???? They arrived really quickly. How the issue was handled is a testament to your customer service. Thanks again, will be sure to recommend you guys and am looking forward to our next order with your team."

-         Jason 17/10/2020


"Hey Julia,  The 10 litre can has just arrived so I have it all. Thanks so much for your help and what a great service. I’ll be back!"

-          Peter 4/06/2020


"Just letting you know that the missing 15L was delivered yesterday afternoon.
Thanks again for your quick follow up on this.
By the way your despatch and delivery of my items was exceptional, I couldn't believe this got here from SA within a few days especially in the current climate.
Now time to paint!"

-          Stuart 14/05/2020


"Honestly so impressed with your store/service! I’ve been letting all my friends know. We live rurally - a three hour return trip to the closes hardware store... yet they charge $100 freight regardless of the size of order and it still takes forever! Will definitely be utilising your store a lot over the next few months! "

-          Keshia   04/05/2020


"Pole arrived today! Very impressed with the service guys Will definitely be using again!"

-         Shane 13/02/2020


“Hi Cerry & The Team at Direct Paint,

I wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely at my home today.  Now I have no excuse not to start getting cracking on wallpapering my house 

I also want to thank you for the lovely surprise gift of the footy and the chupa chups.  You are very thoughtful and kind.  Little touches like that go a long way, in my mind, so thanks again.

Best wishes and kind regards,”

-          Judy  03/10/19


“The wallpaper took a while to arrive, but it was worth the wait, thankyou once again for being patient and recommending products to me while I re-did my rooms!”

-          Marlene 09/06/19



 “Loved your service, really speedy delivery and great communication”

 -          Brad 27/9/18



 “The brush I was after was out of stock, but you guys recommended a similar one, I think this is my new go-to brush! Thanks for the great advice, you guys rock!”

 -          Janette 4/5/18



 “I appreciated the freebies lol! Loved the new stubby holders you guys have, will definitely recommend to my friends!”

 -          Jack 18/12/17



 “I decided to go out on a whim and place a large order with you guys. Would just like to say that I appreciate quality and expertise your team shows. I have my own business and will be ordering large quantities with you guys from now on! Please thank your team for keeping me updated with emails and adding in some chuppa chups with my order, the boys here loved them.”

 -          Eric 07/6/17