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Monarch Neo Mini Cutter

Monarch Neo Mini Cutter

Designed for use with all paint types.

: $9.50

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Ideal for the professional trade painter with 25% greater paint pick up and release.

Monarch Advance neo™ has been designed with premium quality HX3 Ultra Tapered™ Filament enabling you to cut straighter lines and giving you that professional, smooth finish on any painting job. Its innovative HX3 Ultra Tapered™ Filament holds 25% more paint, and releases 25% more paint, helping you get the job done faster.

Designed for use with all paint types, this brush offers superior coverage and a smooth finish with no brush marks, every time.


  • Suitable for use with all paints
  • Guaranteed no filament loss
  • Smooth, even paint release
  • Professional finish with no brush marks
  • 25% faster paint pickup and release


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