Porters Wood Wash Deep Base

For 500ml

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Product Description:

Porter’s Wood Wash is a translucent coating that subtly softens and ages the appearance of bare timber, highlighting the grain and replicating the look of limed or bleached timber. Perfect for white/limed floors, adding a sense of coastal style and casual elegance, or for a relaxed provincial feel on furniture and lining boards. We recommend finishing with Porter’s Clearcote if a clear sealer is required. Wood Wash can also be tinted to a wide range of colours, from sophisticated charcoal greys through to bright blues, greens, pinks and more.

Features & Benefits:
Easy to apply: Fast drying with no fumes like solvent based stains. Can be protected with water-based clear sealers. Simple to apply with a brush or lambswool applicator.

Suggested Applications Interior.
Can be applied to most bare timber furniture (not recommended on Western Red Cedar or other tannin rich timbers) floorboards, lining boards or timber trim.

Apply with synthetic brush, lambswool applicator, muslin.

Coverage: approximately 20 square metres per litre