Winter Painting Tips

The colder weather that we are starting to see may scare some people away from painting, due to the prolonged time it takes for paint to dry, as well as freshly painted exterior paint getting ruined by the rain. But that's not the be all and end all!

Why choose winter?

Despite what you may think, it is still okay to paint interiors during the winter. It is actually a really good time to paint in fact, being that the availability of good painters during this time is much more prevalent.

Factors to consider

The temperature of the room you are going to paint is quite important. You should ideally be painting in temperatures above 15C. Temperatures below 10C especially can cause problems with adherence and longer drying times. Same goes for the temperature of the walls. So if your house is quite cold, put the heaters on and warm the rooms up before beginning your paint work. It will also help to leave the heaters on for up to 24hrs after painting, helping the paint to dry faster.

Colder weather generally means less humidity in the air (but, not always!). Painting when the humidity is low can be quite effective. During high humidity, paint has trouble drying due to the moisture in the air, preventing it from evaporating & drying at a faster rate. For paint to dry, the moisture must evaporate out of it as fast as possible. This process will take longer the higher the humidity is, meaning that the paint won't properly bond to the walls.

Keep these factors in mind, and your winter home interior renovations should have no bounds. Happy painting!