Window Treatments

When it comes to decorating there's one question many ask and that is "should I have curtains or blinds on my windows?"  The answer to this question really depends on the following - what you are trying to achieve, what are the views from your window and what is the style of your interior?  If you require night time and day time privacy, then you'll need a form of Window Treatment that has block out properties for night time and then maybe a sheer for during the day.  And if you have views outside you may not want to completely hide them with your choice of Window Treatment.  Curtains and blinds do offer night time and day time privacy with the choice of fabrics.  Curtains can add softness to your space whereas blinds are more clean line and don't take up as much space.  Both styles can look as good as each other however one may be more suited to a particular window style and shape.  We have found some very effective ways how you can add blinds and curtains to your space and hopefully this may help you decide which way you will prefer to go when it comes to Window Treatments.

Tip: When selecting your fabric for your curtains and / or blinds think about how much you want you Window Treatments to be a feature within the space.  If you are wanting them to blend in and disappear then think about choosing a colour and fabric similar to your walls.  Whereas if you want your Window Treatments to be the main feature then opt for a bolder or darker coloured fabric for a contrast against your wall colour.  How you hang your Window Treatments can also have an impact in changing the feel of your space.  If you want to add height to your room, then hang your Window Treatments higher than your windows (if you have the wall space) and if choosing curtains always have them floor length otherwise they will look out of proportion and having them to the floor helps to frame your window.  Both curtains and blinds can be used over a sliding door.  Just think about the type of fabric you wish to use and where the opening will be as the last thing you want is having your fabric being caught in the door from the wind everytime you open the door.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Greyology 1

Dulux White Verdict 1/4

Dulux Pre School 1/2

Porters Hailstorm

Porters Mariner

Haymes Dave's Train

Rokset Little Gem All
Purpose Roller Kit

Dulux Wash & Wear
+ Superhide Low Sheen

Porters Wood Wash
Standard Base

Vision Reclaimed
2701-22037 Wallpaper


Sandy Denim Seagrass A16705
Grasscloth Wallpaper


Concrete Panel Modern
Foundation IR70918 Wallpaper

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