Ways to use up left over paint

Do you have left over paint lying around and unsure what to do with it?  Well we've found some crafty ideas on how you can use your left overs and turn it into a piece of art!  And with Christmas around the corner, why not use your left over paint or even paint chips to make some unique gifts!

The gift of giving

Interested in turning your left over paint into gifts?  All you need are some glass objects (bottles, vases etc), pour your left over paint inside, give it a shake and pour out any excess paint.  Let the paint dry & you're left with an amazing decorative piece!  Or paint some natural objects like pine cones or timber blocks to add texture and colour to your home.

Make an entrance

Are you finding your interior is looking a little bland but unsure how to vamp it up?  Then why not use your left over coloured paint to highlight a door, or a piece of furniture?  Simply add life to a bookcase by painting the backboard a bright contrasting colour to the bookshelf and frame. 

Furnish away

Add some colour to your furniture and furnishings with left over paint.  Make an interesting point in your dining area by painting dining chairs different colours.  Or why not paint the sides or insides of your drawers to catch your guests attention.

Paint chips ahoy

Instead of throwing out old paint chips, why not up-cycle them into something bright and colourful?  Paint chips make stunning artworks or even gift boxes!

All images courtesy of Pinterest.