Water Closets

Water Closets or small toilet rooms have become a thing of many interiors today due to our lifestyles and the way we utilise our spaces.  These small rooms don't always just have to be four walls with a toilet and hand basin - plain & boring!  Generally this will be the only bathroom guests will view, so why not make it welcoming and create a focal point!?!  We have found some striking ways in how you can make your Water Closet a place your guests and yourself will want to visit.

To create some interest in these small rooms, think impact - choose a bold feature tile for a feature wall or feature flooring, or highlight the vanity / hand basin.  Dark colours will always create drama & if too afraid of using colour then opt for adding natural finishes like timbers, marble, metal or concrete.

Tip: Industrial and dark interiors still seems to be the current trend.  When using dark colours in small spaces, make sure you add ample enough of lighting to the space as generally in these rooms there is limited natural lighting.  Not only will the lighting help to light the room, it will also highlight your finishes and add some warmth to the room (choose warm lighting).


Create these looks yourself with these paint colours & products:


Haymes Modesty White



Dulux Snowy Mountains



Dulux Feather Soft


Dulux Carmen Miranda


Haymes Royal Blue


Dulux Blue Ash

Dulux Concrete Effect Paint



Porters Aqua Satin Enamel Black



Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen &

Bathroom Ceiling


Milton & King Kemra Heritage Tiles KEM060W Wallpaper


Zepel Metal Plate Wallpaper


Komar Into Illusions Mural - Serenity 8-958

Images sourced from Pinterest

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