Wallpaper Ideas

We've put together some great ideas that you can play around with using wallpaper - you are not just limited to walls!


Furniture ideas

If you have any left over wallpaper from a previous installation, then this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with it. Or why not buy a roll - click here to view our fantastic range. You may be wondering, why not use wrapping paper or fabric for any of these creations? It's because wallpaper will adhere to the surface much better when installed using the correct wallpaper adhesive, and give a long lasting, bubble free look.







We found some beautiful staircases decorated using wallpaper - who would have thought!



Textured wallpaper

Adding textures creates interest, if you are after a more subtle look and don't want to add too much colour. With textured wallpaper, you can paint it to any colour you like! Check out our Anaglypta and Wallton Dimension Paintable Wallpaper ranges, as used in the pictures below.


Other ideas

Why not try adding a wow factor by wallpapering a ceiling, a pantry wall, or with a mural - check out our brand new range of stunning murals here.





How to

Take a look at our blog on How To Wallpaper for some great tips on how to actually install the wallpaper yourself - it's not that hard. Just ensure the surface you are installing it to is clean, and free of bumps and imperfections. We also have a great range of Wallpaper Accessories including adhesives - everything you need to get started on your own project.


All images courtesy of Pinterest.