Wallpaper your own Natural Wall

Introducing natural elements into the home is a huge trend at the moment.  This can be done by adding natural accessories to your decor, but if you want to make a real statement then think large.... like a natural feature wall.  And the easiest way to acheive this is by using wallpaper!  We have some incredibly realistic looking wallpapers that'll leave your guests wanting to touch your wall to see if it's real or not.

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 A stone feature wall is a great way to add some natural colour and texture to your room.  They especially look very effective on a fireplace wall or even a stair case wall.  Stone wallpaper & murals comes in various colours from the earthy stones through to greys so easily suited to any colour scheme.

Komar Into Illusions Mural - Shabby Chic XXL4-014

Zepel Pebbles (various colours)

Komar 14 Mural - Stone Wall 8-727



Zepel Feature Wall (various colours)


Komar 14 Mural - Birkenrinde 8-700




Brick feature walls are very popular at the moment and look very striking when used on large walls.  Wanting to jazz up your long hallway or another long boring wall you may have in your interior?  Then add a brick wallpaper or mural.  At least you won't have a problem with salt damp and other moisture problems with this type of brick wall!

Milton & King Kemra Clubhouse KEM015W

 Komar Into Illusions Mural - Bricklane XXL4-025

Milton & King Kemra Soft White Brick KEM035W

Milton & King Kemra Camden Factorys Bricks KEM058W

Komar 14 Mural - Backstein 8-741


Milton & King Kemra White Wash Bricks KEM027W

Milton & King Kemra Old Brown Bricks KEM030W




Wanting to add some warmth to your interior?  By adding a timber feature wall you'll acheive just this!  Long gone are the days of the old timber panel walls and move into the new age with these timber look wallpapers & murals.  At least you won't have to maintain this type of timber wall.

Komar Into Illusions Mural - Oak XXL4-027

Essentially Yours (various colours)

Exposed PE-10-01-2



Milton & King Kemra Rustic Wood Panels KEM059W


Milton & King Kemra QLD Weather Boards KEM044W


Milton & King Kemra Saltwashed Wood KEM012W

Milton & King Kemra Newport KEM056W

Komar 14 Mural - Vintage Wood 4-910

Milton & King Kemra Saw Mill KEM037W

Milton & King Kemra Recycled Timber KEM020W

Milton & King Kemra Pally Post Office KEM054W

Milton & King Kemra Winter Wood Pile KEM057W



Thinking outside the square and really wanting to make an impression?  Check out these other types of natural textured wallpapers & murals ranging from concrete, mosiac tiles, water through to straw and grass..... the options are endless!

Milton & King Kemra Cement Panelling KEM017W

Zepel Metal Plate (various colours)

Zepel Mosiac (various colours)

Milton & King Kemra Tilt Slab KEM039W

Zepel Swimming Pool (various colours)

Milton & King Kemra Straw KEM046W

Milton & King Kemra Astro Turf KEM010W

Komar 14 Mural - Ivy 4-324


Komar 14 Mural - Forest Floor 8-914

Komar Into Illusions Mural - Woods XXL4-023