Walk-In Robes

Walk-In Robes are any fashionesta's dream and definitely a must have!  Walk-In Robes can either fill a small space or can make up an entire room.  They can be luxurious and decorative with extra comforts such as seating, or very simple and minimalist with just racking, shelves and drawers.  Some people like to have all their clothes and accessories on display and others prefer to keep things concealed behind closed doors and drawers in their Walk-In Robe.  Whichever your style is, you want your Walk-In Robe to look good but also for it to be practical.  If your Walk-In Robe is lacking space, then you want to make sure you are making the most of the limited space with the correct layout and design.  You certainly don't want wasted space in your Walk-In Robe, especially if you don't have much storage space in any of your other bedrooms.  When creating your own Walk-In Rob and trying to make the most of space, it's always worth the extra money speaking with a designer to make sure the layout works for you, the space and your clothes and accessories.  We have found some impressive Walk-In Robes that'll knock the socks off anyone!

Tip: Walk-In Robes can be much more than just some shelves and drawers.  They are often made a feature, so when creating your own Walk-In Robe there are many things you need to consider, besides just the colour of your joinery.  Choice of flooring is important as this "grounds" the space.  If you opt for hard flooring, then think about adding a floor rug to make your Walk-In Robe feel more inviting and to give the space some warmth - Walk-In Robes tend to sometimes feel cold and sterile so adding some cozy pieces helps to eleminate this feeling.  Ceilings can also be made a feature if you choose to by highlighting in a bold paint colour, or adding a textured ceiling or even some mouldings.  And lighting is also just as important as anything else.  Pendant lighting adds to that homely feel and by choosing a striking fitting adds some individuality to your Walk-In Robe.  If you choose to add a pendant, make sure it still provides enough light to your Walk-In Robe as many of these spaces have no natural daylight.  Downlights or strip lighting may sometimes also be required to provide ample lighting, especially to find things hidden deep in your cupboards or to help determine dark clothing colours.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Popcorn

Dulux White on White

Porters Cinder

Dulux Cobalt Blue

Haymes Blue Mosiac

Porters Atlantic

Frog Tape - Green

Porters Fresco

Porters Wood Wash
Standard Base

Vision 514483 Factory 3
Rasch Wallpaper


Eijffinger Reflect 378048
Metallic Wallpaper


Concrete Panel Modern
Foundation IR70908 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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