Trending now..... Marble

One of the trends at the moment is the use of Marble.  And it's not just interiors and exteriors where Marble is currently being used.... you can now find the Marble pattern in clothing, homewares and jewellery and even on your mobile phone or laptop cover!  Marble is a popular material and pattern to use as it creates texture and interest in a subtle, neutral way and if using the real thing, it's a beautiful hard wearing material that will withstand the length of time.  Here are some ways you can follow the trend with Marble.


Want to create this look yourself at home?

Can't afford the real Marble, well we have the solution.... wallpaper!  Milton & King have a very realistic looking Marble wallpaper that will have your guests wanting to touch it to see if it's the real thing.  Or click here to view a Youtube clip we found on how to acheive marbling with paint.


Milton & King Kemra Marble KEM066W


Images courtesy of Pinterest

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