Transforming a room on a budget!

Wanting to transform one of your rooms but don't have a large budget to work with?  Never fear, we've put together some ideas that will help you to create that room you've always dreamt of without having to break the bank!


Sometimes all it takes to transform a room is a bit of paint!  It's amazing how paint & colour can create a whole different feeling to a room.  And even if you don't change all your furniture and accessories, a different paint colour can sometimes make these pieces look different and even new!

We have some great Interior Paint Kits to help you get started with all the basic tools you require to get the job done.  They come in a range of different paint colours and for this week only, we have them on sale, starting at $100 for a 4L kit!  Click here to view our Interior Paint Kits.  You can also add to them any other paint you require, eg Trim paint or paint for a feature wall.

When using paint colour to transform a room, think of using colour to create the interest.  You can either do this with a feature wall or contrasting wall colour to your woodwork/trim.  Here are some ideas on using paint colour to transform a room.


Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

If you're too afraid to go bold with paint colour then add the interest to your room with your accessories.  Think neutral walls and use your accessories to add colour or texture and make these the focal point of your room.  This is a great way to transform your room if you get tired of things easily, as all you'll need to do is to change over your accessories when you get bored of your room!  Here are some great ways to accessorise any room.




All images courtesy of Pinterest.