Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding has been a well used material for many years and is still being used today in current modern architecture and interior design.  It's a great material of choice for using in highlight feature areas such as ceilings & walls and perfect for disguising surface imperfections.  Timber Cladding can be left as natural timber for a textural earthy organic look or painted over with an enamel (to make it chip resistant) for added colour to a space.  If you are wanting to add some height to your space, then hang your Timber Cladding vertically, but if your space is lacking length then think about hanging your Cladding horizontally.  Timber Cladding is a very versatile choice of material as it can be used internally as well as externally and it teams back well with concrete, stone, brick and other timbers. 

Tip: Consider the sizing of panels you want for your Timber Cladding.  There isn't really any right or wrong way of hanging Timber Cladding, but if you want to create more of a feature and interest in your space, then think of using thinner panels.  This will give a more busier look, especially if keeping natural timber as you'll get more variation in colour and tones.  Whereas if you want to create more of a softer feature, then consider wider panels.  And there's no reason why you can't play around with placement of your Timber Cladding with choosing to use both narrow and wide panels together for something a little different.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Alpen

Porters Popcorn

Dlx Snowy Mountains 1/4

Porters Olive Grove

Haymes Pale Mushroom 6

Haymes Impact

Selleys Liquid Nails Original High
Strength Construction Adhesive

Dulux Aquanamel

Porters Palm
Beach Black

Vision Reclaimed
2701-22037 Wallpaper


Classic Marble Luxe Revival
RH21300 Wallpaper


Brick Modern Foundation
IR70201 Wallpaper

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