Do you have some time off over the Christmas/New Year break? Are you thinking of doing a bit of summer renovation in time for the upcoming backyard summer sessions? We have some great decking kits available, and some advice on how to use them to get you started.


Intergrain UltraDeck Kit


Why use Intergrain UltraDeck?

UltraDeck is an extremely long lasting, water based oil for decking and exterior timber. It will enhance the characteristics of the timber grain, and weathers naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling. It is environmentally friendly, doesn’t have a strong odour, can be easily washed up with water, and is fast drying, allowing two coats to be applied in one day.

Traditional timber oil is a semitransparent protective finish that penetrates into the timber, compared to UltraDeck, which is also a semitransparent protective finish, but as well as penetrating into the timber, it also forms a protective coating on the surface. You can tint it to a range of deck colours too, including Jarrah, Natural, and Walnut.

UltraDeck can be used on new timber, timber that has retained its colour, or weathered timber whose colour can be revived by sanding back or by using Reviva.




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How long does UltraDeck last?

If UltraDeck has been applied under ideal conditions using the recommended preparation & the correct film thickness has been applied, it will last twice as long as a traditional decking oil when used in the same situation. Keep in mind that the amount of exposure from UV will impact on how any timber coating lasts.


Why use Reviva?

Reviva can be used to bring back the colour of the natural wood of your deck, depending on the age of the timber, by removing dead grey fibres and any dirt, oils and tannins.

If you are going to be sanding your deck, you should use Reviva after to ensure the timber is properly prepared for coating. Sanding draws out the natural oils that can sometimes create a waxy finish, and this can prevent the timber finishes from adhering properly.

It is also great to use if you’re wanting to use UltraDeck over a deck that has been previously coated with an oil based decking oil. First ensure that the timber has weathered and lost all water repellecny. This can be tested by seeing if water still beads on the surface. If it is still water repellent, leave the deck to weather further until it is. Then use Reviva to clean the deck, followed by application of UltraDeck.




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