Have fun with Striped Walls & Ceilings

Striped Walls & Ceilings are a good choice if you are wanting to add some interest to your space. You can either paint Stripes yourself using coloured or textured / effects paint with the use of painters tape or if this is too difficult for you then opt for Striped wallpaper instead. You can have fun too with Stripes by playing them up a bit with the direction of the stripes, thickness and boldness of colour.

Striped Walls & Ceilings are also very versatile as they compliment almost any decorating style and if done correctly can be very timeless and won't date easily. Stripes are also a great way to enhance nib walls or bulk heads as the lines of the Stripes will bring your eye to these features by creating their own artistic pattern within the lines and the different surfaces.

Stripes and how they are applied can also create an optical illusion within a space. If you are wanting more feeling of height in your room, then opt to have your Stripes running vertically as this will instantly make your walls appear taller. Whereas if you want your walls to appear longer, then apply your Stripes horizontally to give more width to a space. And instead of running your Stripes for the entire length of your walls or ceilings, be creative and apply them only to one section or have your Stripes running up your wall and then continuing along your ceilings. The options are really endless when it comes to Stripes, so play around and have some fun!

Create these looks yourself with these complimentary paint colours and products:

Haymes Modesty White

Porters Alpen

Dulux Beige Antiquity

Porters Jackfruit

Porters Gusto

Dulux Domino

Frog Tape - Green

Rokset All Rounder Finish Kit

Porters Eggshell Acrylic

Rasch Bambino XVIII
531626 Wallpaper

Pajama Party Walk the Line Stripe
KJ51602 Wallpaper

Komar Pure PRH-1190
Lamello Mezzo Mural

Images sourced from Pinterest

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