Stain your Timber Black

One trend that has been around for years and is still ever so popular is Black Stained Timber.  If you are wanting that Black Timber look it can either be painted black (to hide the timber look) or stained to still show the character and grain of the timber.  The great thing about Black Stained Timber is that if you don't like the natural colour of your timber, you can disguise it easily while still retaining the timber look.  Black Stained Timber works with many design styles and is a timeless way to protect your timber.  It's also very versatile as it can be used with cool tones or with a warmer colour scheme, depending how you use it.  And Black Stained Timber can be used for interiors as well as exteriors as it works back nicely with bricks, stone, concrete, metal and other timbers.  If using for exterior and a good quality product is applied it can last longer than clear timber coatings due to the pigmentation in the product, making it an even better choice for exterior timber.  Check out these ideas how you can add Black Stained Timber to your next project.   

Tip: Since Black Stained Timber still highlights the grain of the timber, it doesn't lose the organic and rustic feel of the timber.  The texture of Black Stained timber can still add interest to a space still making it a feature within a monochromatic scheme.   You can't really go wrong with chosing colours to work back with your Black Stained Timber, but don't forget the rule of less is more.  If you are wanting a more timeless look that won't date, then keep things neutral with your colour palette, especially if you have other materials and features within your space. 

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters K2

Dulux Lexicon Half

Colorbond Surfmist

Porters Black Cockatoo

Haymes Intrigue

Colorbond Night Sky

Intergrain UltraPrep
Timber Cleaner

Porters Palm
Beach Black

Porters Aqua Satin
Enamel Black Base

Vision 514476
Factory 3 Rasch Wallpaper


Classic Marble Luxe Revival
RH21300 Wallpaper


Structure Chevron Wood
IR51706 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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