On Trend: Special Finishes For Woodcare

You may have noticed the use of special finishes for woodcare in the latest interior design magazines; limed white floors, limed white furniture, creatively painted floors, and furniture with a crackle lacquer finish. If you want to acheive these looks yourself, then you've come to the right place.


Limed White Floors

If you're looking to re-vamp your bare timber or cork floors, a liming white floor finish is a fantastic idea. A DIY product such as Feast Watson Liming White Floor Finish can give you this look. It combines a traditional lime stain with a  professional clear polyurethane. This will give you a soft milky white colour, as well as much needed durable protection. Once applied it comes out semi-transparent, adding a rich colour whilst allowing the grain pattern of the timber to remain visible. Multiple coats can be applied depending on the opacity and whiteness that you want to achieve.

Application is simple and easy: 3 coats every 2 hours, allowing at least 24hrs to dry. Because it is water based, it is also easy to clean up.


Limed White Furniture

Re-staining some woodwork around the home is a fairly simple and fantastic way to give your home a bit of a modern makeover. Things like furniture, cabinetry, trim, window frames, skirting boards, doors, panelling, and architraves are a great start. Feast Watson Stain & Varnish Liming White will help you acheive this, giving your timber a soft, milky white effect. This product is non yellowing, and imparts colour without obscuring the natural characteristics of the timber grain. It also simultaneously preserves the stain by protecting it with a durable clear finish.

Application: Apply up to 3 coats, allowing 2hrs in between each, then at least 24hrs to dry. Apply only 1 coat to get a subtle, pale colour, or multiple coats to build the opacity and whiteness. It is water based making for easy clean up.


Painted Floors

This is where you can get creative. You can add colour to new or existing interior timber, cork or parquetry floors, and there are so many different patterns and colours that you can play around with, using a simple stencil or masking tape. Feast Watson Floor Paint is a good product that has a range of colours, as well as being specially formulated to provide superior mark resistance and deliver outstanding adhesion and wear resistance. It is opaque and available in a White or Ultra Deep Base, enabling it to be tinted to a wide range of modern colours. It will give you a satin finish, but if you want to acheive something a bit more glossy, simply top coat it with a gloss water based floor clear.

Application: Apply 3 coats with 2hrs in between each one, and leave it to dry for at least 24hrs. Again it is water based so easy to apply and clean up.

There are some really funky and creative ways you can use this paint:





Crackle Lacquer Furniture Finish

If you can get creative with the floor, then there's no reason you can't play around with different effects on your furniture too. You can give your interior timber furniture and accessories a distressed, vintage look, using a product such as Feast Watson Cackle Lacquer. It is a 2 step system, starting with the Crackle Lacquer Base Coat, followed by the Feast Watson Crackle Lacquer Top Coat. The base coat is specially formulated to activate the top coat to crackle as it dries. The top coat is available in a white base and can be tinted to many colours.

Application: Apply 2 layers of Base Coat, allowing 2hrs to dry after each. Apply 1 layer of Top Coat and allow to dry for at least 4hrs. Bear in mind that the end result with depend on the thickness that you apply it, application method, ambient temperature, as well as the substrate. So it is good practice to try it on a small area first before you coat your entire item. It is not recommended for the floor, high wear situations, or wet areas.


Images courtesty of Pinterest.