Small Gardens

Size does not matter when it comes to small gardens.  It is amazing what can be achieved in such a small space.  If you have an open space, then height is in your favour so think tall.  If it's an undercover garden you are creating, you still want to add some height so think of vertical timber slats or a garden wall.  By creating the feeling of more height in the space your garden will feel a lot larger than it really is.  We have found some creative ways in how you can make the most of your Small Garden.



How to create these looks yourself:

If you are wanting your green foliage to really pop, add a dark coloured wall behind as a backdrop.  This will add some dimension to your space and will really higlight your landscaping.  Try these dark paint colours to enhance your foliage.


Haymes Chimney Ash


Dulux Teahouse

Dulux Grid


Dulux Namadji

Colorbond Monument

Haymes Impact

Incorporating timber into your garden is an ideal way to add some natural warmth.  Timber can be used in various ways in a garden- screening, furniture, decking, planter boxes.... the options are endless.  If you are using timber in your garden, it's best to keep it protected & keep it looking its best.  Click here to view our exterior woodcare products.  Below are some of our favourite exterior timber coatings.

Intergrain Natural Stain

Sikkens Cetol Supernatural

Simply Woodcare Dexpress

If you are wanting to create your own small garden indoors, then add a Mural!  Click here to view our other Murals.

Komar 14 Mural - Ivy 4-324

Komar 14 Mural - Sunday 8-519


Images sourced from Pinterest

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