How to Decorate: Silentshift

Silentshift is one of the Dulux Colour Trends 2015. It came about, as described by Dulux, because 'our digital demands require us to be forever alert. At risk of fatigue and overstimulation, we are taking time to pause, unplug and recuperate.'

The colour palette:

Use soft pastel colours in cooler forms of purples, blues and greens. Cooler neutral like pastel forms of pink and orange can also be used, mixed with neutral tan like colours. Add some texutre using metallic and/or suede paint in soft pastel hues. These colours are often what you would associate with Easter, making it the perfect Easter re-decorating project.

The colours used in this style are a mix of simple curves and block colours in cosmetic hues, creating a dreamlike quality, conductive to silent movements, as described by Dulux.

If you would like to try out one of these colours, you can purchase a Dulux Sample Pot to get you started on your dream project.

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