Shamrock Green

Looking at changing the look of your space but stuck for ideas and colour inspiration?  Then why not go Shamrock Green and get into the swing of Saint Patrick's Day?!  Not only is green considered as a lucky colour to the Irish, it is also the colour of nature and symbolises growth, harmony, freshness and fertility.  Green is also known to have great healing power - it is the most restful colour for the human eye and can improve vision and is also suggested to assist in stability and endurance.

Tip: To create a monochromatic colour scheme (only using one colour), add the interest to your space with layering different textures and / or different tones of the colour you are using.  You don't always have to have everything matching.  And think about your decor and accessories by choosing pieces that will be a slight contrast against the main colour - i.e. gold metallic decor against a dark painted wall.


Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Water Jug


Haymes Colleen's Cote



Haymes Le Mer



Haymes Nordic Sea


Dulux Mid Brunswick Green



Dulux Kelp


Dulux Maximum Strength

Adhesion Primer


Dulux Ceiling White

Blue Label


Dulux Wash & Wear Matt

Extra Bright Bases


Zepel Mosiac Wallpaper 57 Fountain


Kids & Teens 2016 469035 Wallpaper

Muffin & Mani Monkey Wall Wallpaper


Images sourced from Pinterest

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