How to Create Romance With Colour

Dulux Metalic
Sweet Seduction

Pompeian Pink
Lady In Red


Untamed Heart

Belly Fire

Kids & Teens

2016 857719

Milton & King
Kemra Chalbury

To create a romantic feel in your space when decorating, the use of rich, warm hughs of red, red-brown, and red-orange as pictured above, will achieve this. All of these colours symbolise heat, happiness and love, and all create a rich romantic feel when present. Painting all four walls of a room in a colour such as the ones above, will create a really comforting and welcoming vibe. The use of metallic paint can also add sophistication and glamour, and will add to the romantic style. Wallpaper is another way to add a focal point or wow factor to a space, and the Milton & King Chalbury wallpaper from their Kemra range as pictured above, is a perfect example.

And in light of Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought we would revisit Pantone's Colour of the Year 2015, as it just so happens to fit the theme! The colour is called Marsala - a rich, earlthy, red-brown. The following pictures are inspiration on how to incorporate this colour into your home:


We also have some Colour Inspiration - Love Inspired packs available, FREE of charge, to help you get started.

Needing more inspiration?  Here are a few other ways you can add a splash of romance to your interior.


Images courtesy of Pinterest