Presenting your Property for Sale

Are you selling or looking at selling?  It's amazing how many people put their properties on the market without looking at how they are presented and how they can make the most of their Property.  It's proven that preparing your Property for Sale can increase your sale value, and you don't always have to spend thousands to make thousands.  We give you some tips and show you how to Present your Property for Sale.


The first and most important thing to do when Presenting your Property for Sale is to de-clutter!  You want buyers to walk into your home and see themselves living there.  If you have lots of your personal belongings on dispaly and lying around, they sometimes can't see the house as their house and then they won't visualise them living in it.  Any personal photos too should be stored away and have only the basic pieces on display.  Bookshelves should be displayed nicely and not overfilled with books.  The more clutter you have on display, the more buyers will think there is a storage problem and this is something you don't want buyers to believe!  Finishing touches also makes a difference and can bring warmth to your home and make buyers feel welcomed.  Think of adding nice soft towels to your bathroom and laundry and some flowers or greenery throughout your home.  Kitchen bench tops should be cleared with only a few items on display... a cook book or decorative mixing bowl are always nice touches.  And don't forget about the state of your cupboards and wardrobes - these are always opened by buyers!

Furniture always plays a part in de-cluttering.  Any bulking pieces of furniture that are too large for the space are best stored and hiring smaller furniture items instead.  Again, the objective is to make every space in your home appear as large as it possibly can.  Glass furniture are great choices for small spaces as you can see the floor and space around, creating that illusion of more space.  Don't have a large bedroom?  Then consider using a double bed and ensemble without a bedhead.  You'll be surprised at how smaller pieces of furniture will make a room appear larger.


Appeal to everyone

When looking at selecting a paint colour scheme for selling, it's always best to keep everything neutral.  This not only appeals to most (blank canvas) but will give your rooms the feeling of more light and space.  You don't always have to choose "white" for everything when selling.  If you have lots of natural day light in your interior, you can choose a little depth of colour on the walls (for interest) and keep your ceilings and woodwork white.  Ceiling white is best used for ceilings to create that feeling of height in rooms.  And if you don't have much light in rooms, then choose a lighter neautral for your walls.  Dulux Hog Bristle, Dulux Grand Piano, Dulux Beige Royal and Dulux White Duck and very popular neutrals for walls.  The great thing is that they come in difference strengths, so you can choose the strength of colour suited to the amount of light in your room.



Add light

If you don't have much natural light in your interior or have small rooms, then adding a mirror will do the trick!  Mirrors reflect light so think of large scaled mirrors if you need more light or space in a room.  They can also be handy to use on walls where you want to create more interest or to draw someone into the room, especially if they reflect some greenery from outside or something colourful on another wall.  Have fun and play around with mirrors, hang multiple to create a work of art or go large to make a statement.



First impressions

The exterior of your home is the first impression buyers will have of your Property.  Therefore you want to make sure it's presented to its potential to attract buyers into your Property.  Fresh paint can make the world of difference to an aged exterior.  Greys are the current trend for exteriors as well as earthy tones.  Think warm greys with white trim or earthy neutral tones if you have warmer surroundings like sandstone pavers etc.  And if you want your Property to really stand out, then why not add a feature front door? 


All images courtesy of Pinterest.