One of the hottest decorating trends that has emerged from the past is Patina!  This once old worldy look is being used today to create more of an industrial look to any space.  Patina was once seen as a sign of age and too much wear, however now it's seen as a chic look as many are opting to make new pieces and surfaces look old with Patina.  And it's quite quick and easy to create your own Patina - you no longer have to wait years to achieve this look, you just need the right products to create your own oxidising effect.  We have found some innovative ways in how you can add Patina to your space that'll leave your friends and guests green with envy....

Tip: If you are going for more of an industrial look, think about teaming your Patina pieces with timber, exposed brick, concrete and other metals.  Using Patina can be a great way of adding colour to a monochromatic space as well as extra texture.  Just remember that if your Patina surfaces are going to be exposed to water and weather it will speed up the Patina oxidisation.  To prevent this process from continuing further, add a clear coat of matt coating such as Cabothane Clear Matt Waterbased.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Dulux Casper White 1/4


Dulux White Duck


Dulux Jade Blue

Haymes Balsam

Colorbond Monument

Dulux Copper Effect Paint


Haymes Oxidising Patina


Haymes Real Iron Paint


Milton & King Kemra Bronze & Copper
KEM069W Wallpaper


Komar 15 Mural - Vintage Wood

Zepel Metal Plate 01-Pewter


Images sourced from Pinterest

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