Painted Cupboards

Many of us are self-isolating at the moment and trying to find things to do around the house or looking for small projects to begin.  Painting is something that can be done to help pass the time and to keep yourself socially distant from others.  Many of us have an outdated kitchen, bathroom vanity or piece of furniture, so why not refresh your outdated cupboards with paint?!  Sometimes all it takes is 2 coats of paint in a new colour to really transform your space..... it can be really that easy.  And the best thing about paint is that it's not that expensive and a very painless fix.  Unsure about what colours to choose for your cupboards?  Well we have found some ways in how you can modernise your cupboards just with a new paint colour.

Tip: The key to making your paint last on cupboards is the preparation as well as the choice of products.  Cupboards take a lot of knocks and bumps, so you want a top coat that is going to be durable and chip resistant, such as an enamel.  However, the first step is making sure that the paint is going to stick to whatever the surface is that you are painting.  First the surface will need to be lightly sanded to remove any gloss.  If oil based paint was previously used as the final coat and a water-based product is going to be applied over, you'll need to undercoat the cupboard first as water-based paints don't stick to oil-based paints.  We suggest using a product like Dulux Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer or another product that has a sealer, undercoat and primer in one to make sure your top coat will adhere.  If you are applying water-based paint straight over water-based, then you can skip the priming step, however you'll still need to lightly sand first.  For the top coat, we recommend using an enamel as it's chip resistant and if looking at a white or light colour then definitely a water-based enamel as it won't yellow over time.  Dulux Renovation Range Cabinet Doors is also another product that has just been released for painting over cupboards and perfect if you don't have the time or energy to prime / undercoat as it can be applied straight ontop of most surfaces.  If you are wanting to use an effect paint such as Porters Chalk Emulsion, then you'll need to follow the manufacturers instructions for their suggestions on final top coats to make sure your paint is protected.  If you are unsure which product to use or have any questions regarding preparation, we are here to help.  Send us an email to: and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Greyology 1

Dulux Snowy Mountains

Porters Dusty Mule

Porters Double Strength

Dulux Midas Touch

Haymes Copen Blue

Dulux Maximum Strength
Adhesion Primer

Dulux Aquanamel
Semi Gloss

Dulux Renovation Range
Cabinet Doors

Zepel Mosaic
58- Chess Wallpaper


Rasch Modern Art
624304 Wallpaper


Soho Ornate Tile
MO21800 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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