When Outdoors meets Indoors

Many of us are lovers of nature and being Outside.  Our lifestyles now involve entertaining Outdoors and having Outdoor spaces that have become like another room of our home.  There has been a shift in building design where we are now wanting to bring Outdoor and Indoor spaces together to create one large open plan living area.  Not only does this give us more entertaining and living space, but is also a great way of bringing more natural daylight and greenery to our Indoor spaces.  Outdoor Kitchens have also become the in-thing and ideal for those that don't like cleaning as it takes the mess out of cooking as well as eliminating those food odours that seem to get trapped Indoors.  And when you have guests over you can still cook in your Outdoor Kitchen with your guests sitting either Inside or Outside without feeling too far away from them to socialise.  So not only is it very practical when Outdoors meets Indoors, but can also be a stunning feature to your Living Space!  Check out these impressive ideas in how you can bring your Outdoors In......

Tip: To give your Outdoor and Indoor spaces a feeling of being connected think about keeping the two floor levels to the same level as well as using the same flooring material or materials similar in colour and texture.  This will make your Outdoor space follow on from your Indoor space without making them feel separated and it will also open up your area and give the optical illusion of more space.  But don't forget about adaquate drainage to your Outdoor Space as the last thing you want is water getting into your Interior!

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Porters Popcorn

Porters Moonstone

Haymes Organic 1

Colorbond Surfmist

Haymes Enigma

Dulux Precision
Stain & Mould Blocker

Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen &
Bathroom Low Sheen

Crommelin Timber
Restorer & Sealer

9142-17 Wallpaper


Zepel Feature Wall
02 Fossil Wallpaper


Komar 15 Mural
El Paradiso 8-101

Images sourced from Pinterest

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