Outdoor Water Features

Adding the element of water to your outdoor space can create a feeling of tranquillity and a great place to escape from busy life.  The sights and sounds of water can be very peaceful and relaxing.  But how do you effectively add water to your outdoor space?  Well we have found some inspirational ideas in how you can add an outdoor water feature to your outdoor space which will help anyone unwind and even cool off during the upcoming warmer months.

Tip: When adding water to your outdoor space, think about what the reflection is going to show and work with this to add more dimension to your space.  The use of lighting can also be very effective to highlight your water feature as well as creating more mood and drama to your setting when dark.


Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

 Dulux Natural White


Dulux Beige Royal


Colorbond Evening Haze


Haymes Barely There

Colorbond Dune

Dulux Teahouse


Crommelin Pondsealer



Dulux Precision Stain &

Mould Blocker


Dulux Exterior Tuscan


Zepel Pebbles Wallpaper


Zepel Swimming Pool Wallpaper


Zepel Feature Wall Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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