Outdoor Bathrooms

A great way of bringing the outdoors in is with an outdoor bathroom!  Having extra bathrooms in your home can add value to your property but if you don't have the exterior space to add another room on, then add an outdoor bathroom instead.  Not only can outdoor bathrooms be very practical, they can also form a real talking point amongst your guests.  And who doesn't enjoy showering or sitting in a bath tub while listening to the sounds of birds or rustling trees and taking in some fresh air!?  We have found some refreshing ideas in how easily you can add an outdoor bathroom to your abode.

Tip: If your outdoor bathroom overlooks an open garden, think about adding a hedge or screen for privacy, especially if your guests will be using this bathroom.  And consider your choice of flooring as you'll want a non-slip surface for an outdoor bathroom as it'll be more prone to moisture and getting wet / slippery.


Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Modesty White

Dulux Whisper White


Haymes Quiet


Haymes Barely There

Dulux White Duck Half

Dulux Wayward Grey


Haymes Low Sheen Solashield

White Tint



Tredgrip Rubberised Non Slip



Crommelin Enhance WSi



Milton & King Kemra Black Wooden Board

KEM068W Wallpaper


Komar 14 Mural - Ivy 4-324



Komar 14 Mural - Birkenrinde 8-700



Images sourced from Pinterest

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