Modern Art Deco

Trends come and go but one style that keeps re-appearing is Art Deco.  Modern Art Deco is a take on the classical style of Art Deco which had a huge influence on Architecture and Design during the early 1900's, but mixed with current modern pieces bringing this style into today's era and lifestyle.  Art Deco has a very much sharp edged, linear appearance with the use of geometric forms such as zig-zags and chevron and these characteristics are still very much a part of Modern Art Deco, but with a more up to date approach.  Think wall paneling, moulded ceilings and cornices, geometric shapes including arcs and gold accents to add that hint of glamour to help create this look.  The great thing about Modern Art Deco is the colour palette as there are no real restrictions ranging from soft pastels through to rich deep gem tones..... any colours really go.  If you like geometry with a modern and elegant yet sophisticated feel then Modern Art Deco is the style for you!

Tip: The choice of materials and accessories is what really completes this look of Modern Art Deco.  Marble, timber, glass, and metal were used extensively back in the 1900's and is still part of Modern Art Deco.  Velvets and Leathers are the upholstery choice of material for this style as they have glitz and sheen and help to portray the feeling of opulence.  And don't forget to add accents of black and gold to your space whether in furnishings or in hardware.  Black will give your space some substance, even if sticking to a neutral colour palette and the gold will give your space the warmth that is sometimes needed from the sharpness of this style.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Alpen

Porters Popcorn

Dulux Sago

Dulux Bosco Blue

Porters Antique Blue

Haymes Enigma

Polyfilla Professional
Skim Finish

Dulux Gold
Effect Paint

Porters Palm
Beach Black

Rasch Modern Art
433210 Wallpaper


Rasch Modern Art
620924 Wallpaper


Komar Pure P014-VD3
ArtDeco Mural

Images sourced from Pinterest

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