We have all heard of Minimalism, but have you heard of Maximalism?  This ongoing trend is all about more is more and is everything opposite to Minimalism.  Maximalism is all for decorating your space to the max with over the top pieces, colour and pure opulence.  You can never overdo Maximalism as the more prints, pattern and colour the better!  Maximalism is about surrounding yourself with what makes you feel good and what makes you feel a bit more glamorous than you really may be.  Maximalism is very individual as the style is made up of your personality - you can be as bold and brave as you like and as out there without having to confine to any restrictions.  If you like to have fun with eclectic pieces and show your true colours, then Maximalism is your style and all for you!  Check out these bare-all Maximalism ideas.....

Tip: When decorating Maximalistic, choose materials and eclectic decor that screams opulence.  Think colour velvets, silks, furs, feathers and gold.  Maximalism is all about making a statement, so go bold and loud with paint colours and wallpapers as this style is about different textures and patterns and lots of it!  If you don't want to be too colourful, then paint your walls dark neutral tones like charcoal, black, navy and add the pop of colour with your accessories or go soft with pastel candy colours and pale jewel tones.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Dulux Pink Gin

Dulux Zuni

Haymes Pelargonium

Dulux Mystification

Haymes Intrigue

Metylan Special Heavy Duty
Wallpaper Adhesive 200g

Porters Aqua Satin Enamel

Dulux Gold
Effect Paint

Eijffinger Reflect
378045 Wallpaper


Vallila Glasshouse 90362
Metallic Wallpaper


Eijffinger Reflect
378006 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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