Make use of your small outdoor space.....

With the warmer weather now here, we all love spending our spare time enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine.  Many of us are unfortunate to have large back yards and outdoor entertaining areas, but never fear as you can still have an amazing outdoor space no matter the size!  We've found some fantastic ideas on how to make use of your small outdoor space.....


Add some drama to your outdoor space with a bold and dramatic colour scheme.  If you have solid walls, painting these a dark colour will help to acheive a dramatic outdoor space.  Greenery pops when its in front of a dark wall and bright coloured furniture and accessories also work well with this colour scheme.  Play around with colour and have some fun in the sun with a dramatic outdoor space.



Light & Bright

If you prefer neutrals and earthy tones, then a light & bright outdoor space is more up your alley.  Whites, beiges, greys and browns work well with this scheme as well as timbers, weatherboard, whitewashed bricks and stone.  Just be mindful when choosing white paint for outside as some colours can look quite glarey in full sun.  Any whites with a bit of colour help to tone down the glare factor and sunlight will always make a colour appear brighter and lighter.



Green thumb

If you prefer your greenery and landscaping to be the main feature in your outdoor space, then become a green thumb with these ideas.  By keeping your accessories and colour scheme neutral and simple, your plants and landscape will stand out and become the focal point.  Think lush greenery and use your greenery to add height to your outdoor space.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.