Make use of your roof space

Do you have an attic or really high ceilings with a pitched roof?  Then why not make use of your roof space with these great ideas?!  We show you how you can easily turn this unused space into a usable area such as an extra bedroom, office space or even a kid's play area.... the options are endless.


If you have the space, then creating an extra bedroom or guest room is a very practical solution in maximising the use out of your roof space.  And why not add an ensuite with these space saver ideas?

Tip: To maximise the space, think of less bulkier pieces of furniture, such an ensemble mattress and dress the wall up behind it with either a feature paint colour or wallpaper.  This way you're still creating interest with the feeling of more space.


Smaller Areas

If your roof space is more on the small side, never fear as you can still make use of it by creating an office space or kid's play area.

Tip: If you have exposed structural rafters and using your roof space for a kid's play area, add a swing!  This will make your roof space a place the kid's will never want to leave, giving you that much needed time to relax or catch up on those tasks you've been wanting to do for some time.


More ideas

Adding an extra floor to your existing space can look pretty impressive.  Here's how you can add that extra floor to give the space below that wow factor and how you can make use of the angles in a pitched roof space.


Want to create this look yourself at home?

If you like what we've shown you and want to create these looks yourself at home, then we've done some of the hard work for you..... Here are some feature wall paint colours and wallpapers to turn your roof space into an amazing extra room of your home.

Dulux Silkwort 

Haymes Ash Grey

Haymes Boulder Grey


Dulux Malay Grey


Dulux Domino

Haymes Intrigue


Milton & King Kemra Lake House Fresh Cut KEM045W-FC

Exposed PE-10-01-2 Wallpaper 

Milton & King Kemra Newport KEM056W


Milton & King Kemra Lime Washed Bricks KEM067W

Images courtesy of Pinterest

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