Make an entrance with your Front Door

Are you wanting to brighten up or add some interest to the facade of your home?  Then why not make your Front Door a feature?!  If you feel your home is lacking colour, then vamp up your colour scheme by painting your Front Door a bright colour.  Or if you really want to make a statement without being colourful, then think outside the square and opt for a feature Front Door; either ornate or different to the rest of your home.  We've found some great ideas on how you can "make an entrance" with your Front Door.


If you are working to a budget, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add the "wow" factor to your exterior is by painting your Front Door a bold colour.  Think of a contrasting colour to the rest of the exterior and use gloss paint to highlight it even further.  Dulux Aquanamel High Gloss is the ideal paint for this job and comes in a large range of bright colours.  Click here to view.




If you are wanting to create more of a subtle feature with your Front Door, then think timber.  If you already have a light timber door, then stain it a darker colour to make it stand out from any of the other lighter timbers near by.  Or if you have no other timber on your exterior facade, then by adding a timber Front Door will certainly make the Front Door a focal point.  Click here to view our Timber Door & Trim Coatings or if you are wanting a timber stain check out our Decking Coatings.




If colour and timber aren't your cup of tea, then go ornate with a decorative metal and/or glass Front Door.  If trying to cut down renovation expenses then check out salvage places and on-line auctions for that unique ornate Front Door.


Images courtesy of Pinterest

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