Lime Wash

If you love mixing a bit of old with a bit of new and want a paintable texture for your wall, then look no further than using a Lime Wash Paint!  Lime Wash will instantly give your walls some depth with variation of tone and texture, creating a soft feature within your space.  The great thing about using Lime Wash paint is that it can be tinted to almost any colour, making it very versatile with many decorating styles.  Lime Wash can give your contemporary space some warmth and interest, or can give a classical space a real tuscan / Parisian feel.  You can also play around with the application to achieve the texture you want.  And if you need your walls to be wipeable, a matt wall sealer can be easily applied over the paint for extra protection.  Porters make an interior Lime Wash - Porters Interno Lime Wash which can be applied to most suitable prepared plasterboard, plaster, masonry and previously painted surfaces.  Check out how adaptable Lime Wash can be to any interior with these ideas......

Tip: Lime Wash can be a perfect solution to boring hallway walls, as it will create some interest to usually a plain area but without looking too busy for a small space.  Lime Wash can also be applied to areas that aren't in perfect condition, such as uneven walls and it has a textural appearance with a matt finish, making it ideal for hiding any imperfections. And Lime Wash isn't just for living areas and bedrooms as it also works well in kitchens and bathrooms, contrasting nicely against tiles, marble, timbers and other natural surfaces.

Click here to view the Porters "How to" Video on Porters Interno Lime Wash.

If you are wanting an exterior Lime Wash Paint, Porters also make one: Porters Lime Wash Exterior.

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