Light up your World with Lights!

Lighting is a very important design element in any sort of space or environment, however how it is used and the choice of lighting makes the world of difference.  Whether you choose lighting for safety, to light an area or as a statement piece, we have found some amazing ideas on how you can Light up your World with Lights!

Tip: When selecting lighting for a certain space or environment, you need to ascertain how much lighting is required.  I.e., for a kitchen above a bench, you need a good amount of task lighting, so you can see what you are doing.  And if looking at lighting for a bathroom vanity, you need to determine if the type of lighting you are going to look at won't cast shadows and provide enough lighting to be able to use the vanity mirror (put make-up on, shave etc).



Interior lighting isn't only for night time use, it can also be just as affective during the day when there is still natural light.  Large pendant lighting can create a focal point in a space and a great way to add texture, colour or dimension to a room.  LED lighting can be just as effective if trying to highlight a certain architectural feature.



Since there is a lot more natural daylight outside, exterior lighting is more effective at night time.  Not only is exterior lighting practical, it can also be used in various ways to create interesting affects on water and other areas where it will cast different shadows and shapes. 


Images courtesy of Pinterest

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