Light up your life with a Fireplace

With Autumn around the corner and the weather cooling down, we tend to move our entertaining and living spaces indoors.  When it's cold outside, we all love to feel cozy and warm indoors and what better way to do this than being in front of a fire!?  We've found some striking ideas and ways you can light up your life with a fireplace!



Think clean lines & minimalistic.  Fireplaces can make a great room divider feature in any contemporary space.  And by incorporating your timber log storage into the design it completes the modern feel as well as adding texture to your room.



Many of us may have existing fireplaces but are unsure how to dress them.  Here are a few simple ways to highlight the fireplace in your home and most of the time all it takes is a bit of decorating or paint colour.



Texture + Colour

By adding colour or texture to or around your fireplace will definite turn it into a focal point.  Popular and easy textures to add to your fireplace are timber, stone, brick and marble.  Don't have the expensive to add the real materials to your fireplace, then think of using realistic looking wallpaper!  Check out our realistic wallpapers: Exposed PE-10-01-2, Milton & King Kemra White Wash Bricks KEM027W, Milton & King Kemra Winter Wood Pile KEM057W, Zepel Feature Wall, Milton & King Kemra Lake House KEM045W, Milton & King Kemra Clubhouse KEM015W, Milton & King Kemra Camden Factory Bricks KEM058W, Milton & King Kemra Soft White Brick KEM035W, Milton & King Kemra Saltwashed Wood KEM012W, Milton & King Kemra Rustic Wood Panels KEM059W, Milton & King Kemra QLD Weather Boards KEM044W, Milton & King Kemra Pally Post Office KEM054W, Milton & King Kemra Old Brown Bricks KEM030W, Milton & King Kemra Newport KEM056W.


 Images courtesy of Pinterest