Laundry Designs

Laundry Rooms are often one of those small rooms in your home that is often forgotten about and missed when it comes to presentation and design.  Laundry Rooms are usually situated off from your main hallway or living area so guests do often see them so why not make them a feature?!  Size does not matter when it comes to Laundry Designs as you can still create a stunning Laundry within a small space.  It's all about function, storage and making the most of the space you are dealing with when designing a successful Laundry as well as the choice of materials, fittings and fixtures. We have found some brilliant ways in how you can utilise any sized space to create your own successful Laundry Design....

Tip: If your Laundry space is on the small side and lacking in natural day light, then opt for lighter cabinetry and selections to lighten the room and to give the illusion of more space.  Then use your flooring, splashback, benchtop or paint colour to create the feature and interest in your Laundry Design.  Not only are you working within the space but also making it an inviting space and one you'll feel motivated to do some housework in!

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Modesty White

Dulux Tranquil Retreat


Haymes Grey Gully


Dulux Salmon Grey

Haymes Autumn Gold

Haymes Impact

Dulux Precision Stain & Mould


Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen
& Bathroom Ceiling


Crommelin Wetite 15L


Milton & King Kemra Heritage Tiles
KEM060W Wallpaper


Milton & King Kemra Marble
KEM066W Wallpaper

Zepel Mosaic Wallpaepr 58 - Chess


Images sourced from Pinterest

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