Latest Tile Trends

Fashion and styles are constantly changing and so too are Tile Trends!  No longer do you only have the option of white, grey or beige when selecting tiles as the market for Tiles has increased and so too have the options.  Tiles can be used either as a feature, or kept plain to blend into the background.  Tiles now come in many shapes, sizes, colours, textures and designs with suppliers keeping their designs up-to-date with the latest fashions coming from Milan.  Your clothes can be fashionable, so why not your Tiles?!

Neutrals such as whites and greys are still around, however there has been a noticeable shift towards the more earthy warm tones with terracottas making a come back.  Subway Tiles are also still very popular, but now with the use of colour being used in the tiles or in the grout.  Greens and Blues are the main colours currently being used as a feature in many tile designs and can be seen everywhere.  Modern clean lines are still apparent in some of the latest wet area designs, however there seems to be a move towards more transitional designs with the use of the heritage tile design creeping its way back onto the market in many forms.  Trends do come around with Terrazzo tiles and soft pastels and geometrics reflecting back to Art Deco times, but with a more modern approach.  Wet Areas seem to be becoming more of a feature with their choice of tiling so don't be afraid to add some colour and personality to your tiled area!

Tip: Some of the Latest Tile Trends can also be used in your kitchen.  Glass Splashbacks are ok if you are going for a certain look, but if you really want your kitchen to stand out, then think about a striking tiled splashback.  At least with a tiled splashback you can really add your own individuality to your kitchen with choice of tile.  Tile splashbacks give you endless options as you can choose your look by the gloss, colour and style of the tile.  A plain glossy tiled splashback gives a kitchen a timeless and elegant look, but if you are wanting to add a dramatic statement to your kitchen then look at using a bold or dark tile.  And for something different, how about creating your own pattern with how the tiles are laid or using mosaic tiles to create your own tiled mural.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Snow White

Dulux Whisper White

Solver Slightly

Haymes Ash Grey

Dulux Stream

Haymes Untamed Heart

Dulux Precision Stain &
Mould Blocker

Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen &
Bathroom Low Sheen

Dulux Renovation Range
Tiles & Benchtop Gloss

Soho Ornate Tile
MO21800 Wallpaper


Marble Tile Modern Foundation
IR70308 Wallpaper


Pierced Marble Modern
Foundation IR71702 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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