Benefits of Using Lambswool Roller Covers

Some people may ask, why use lambswool roller covers? There are some very good reasons for it.

Lambswool is said to produce the best paint release and finest paint finish compared to other products on the market. Not only this, lambswool rollers have a reputation for producing a faster, cleaner and more efficient method of paint application. Some lambswool rollers even claim to apply paint 25-30% faster than any synthetic man-made fabric.

Lambskin and sheepskin rollers being natural fibres, are naturally woven in tighter to the skin than any hair on a synthetic roller, leaving you less chance of the fibres falling out during painting.

Not only are they known for their thickness, but they are also known to reach into the crevices of a textured or uneven wall, something that a synthetic roller would not be so good at.

Some fantastic lambskin & lambswool rollers that we have available include:

Oldfields Lambskin

Express Superior Lambswool

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