Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Kids Rooms can be a lot of fun to create & decorate.  As adults, it gives us a chance to re-live our childhood & often have pieces in there that we wished we had as kids but never did.  When decorating a child's room, there is no need to hold back- you can go completely "out there" with colour and pattern.  Since it is a bedroom, it doesn't need to fit with the rest of your home styling, so treat it as an individual space.  The best way to inject colour and pattern into a kids room is by using wallpaper, murals, borders and/or stickers.  With 20% of all our Wallpaper, Murals, Borders & Stickers during this month, there is no excuse for your child to miss out on the room they've or you've always wanted!

Never hung wallpaper before?  Then check out our Hanging Wallpaper Instructions.

Wanting to re-paint your childs room & unsure about colours?  We have free Colour Inspiration Packs available to order: Nursery Pack & or Kids.



It's proven that babies love bright colours and shapes, so why not add these to your walls with either stickers and or wallpaper.  Walls near change tables are ideal to add some interest to, as it can also serve as a great distraction while baby is on the change table. 

Marimekko 01 Bo Boo Wallpaper N13025


Marimekko 01 Pienet Kivet (various colours)


Marimekko 01 Korsi (various colours)

Marimekko 02 Karkulaiset (various colours)


Room Mates RMK1319GM Dotted Tree 


Room Mates RMK1439SLM Happi Scroll Tree

Winnie The Pooh Swinging for Honey Giant Wall Decal


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Capers Giant Wall Decal



Wallpaper & Stickers are an easy way to add some fun to your child's room and are quite easy to be remove / change over when your child's taste change & grow.  All of our stickers are removable, re-usable & repositionable (as long as your paint is sound & not peeling or flaking), so perfect for those kids who change their minds and tastes like the wind.  Wallpaper nowadays is pretty easy to remove as well, as long as you use a wall size first..... all you need is a steamer & a little elbow grease to remove today's wallpaper quite easily.


Despicable Me Minions Giant Wall Decals


Cars 2 Friends to the Finish Giant Wall Decal

Dora Giant Wall Decal

Frozen Ice Palace with Elsa & Anna with Glitter


Kids & Teens 2016 459302 (various colours)


Marimekko 02 Pieni Unikko (various colours)

Kids & Teens 2016 478419

Kids & Teens 2016 203912


Marimekko 02 Silkkikuikka (various colours)



When decorating for a teenager, it's best to choose decor & furnishings that can be easily adpated to adults, as most teenage rooms become guest rooms or a study once they have moved out.  Again Wallpaper, Wall Stickers & Murals are perfect to use in a teen room to add that bit of individuality.

I love 1D One Direction Wall Decals

Kids & Teens 2016 862508



Komar Into Illusions - Street Soccer 8-953




Komar Into Illusions Mural - Suite XXL4-030

Kids & Teens 2016 864502

Hans Solo Giant Wall Decal


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Giant Wall Decals

Kids & Teens 2016 457506

Luke Skywalker Giant Wall Decal

Milton & King Kemra Vintage French Map KEM023W

Komar 14 Mural - African Sunset 4-501


Kids & Teens 2016 458909


Captain America Comic Cover


Milton & King Kemra Mixed Tapes KEM036W

Kids & Teens 2016 458619



Komar Into Illusions Mural - Times Square XXL4-008



Komar 14 Mural - Maui 8-902





Komar Into Illusions Mural - World Map 4-050




Komar 14 Mural - London 4-315





Komar 14 Mural - Jeans 8-909