Make your metal shimmer with Industrial Lustre

Porters Industrial Lustre gives your exterior and interior surfaces a rich shimmer and intriguing effect created by the addition of Micaceous Iron Oxide. Industrial Lustre has excellent protective qualities making it the perfect choice of paint for metal gates, fences, trim, garage doors etc as well as broad wall areas. Industrial Lustre has 'fish scale' properties, making it durable while providing protection, also making the paint subject to scratching and scuffing. This water based acrylic coating is suitable for interior metalwork as well as exterior metalwork and masonry and is available in 7 different colours to really make your metal shine and stand out; Nautilus, Hematite, Moonraker, Silver Ash, Quarry, Base Metal, Spanish Bull and Herculaneum.

Tips: Industrial Lustre works well with many styles. Team it back with exposed brick, timber, concrete and render for an industrial look otherwise it works well against stone and other metals for a more classical approach. If you are wanting your metal features to really stand out, keep them a contrast to everything else. This will highlight them by bringing the eye to them and making them the focal point. Since Industrial Lustre has a bit of a rustic texture about it, you want to keep everything else in your space earthy to compliment it and to really make your metal shimmer.

Check out these ideas how Industrial Lustre can be used on your interior or exterior.......


Soft black for impact and contrast

Porters Industrial Lustre Nautilus

Dlx Snwy Mountains 1/4  Haymes Retreat

Dulux Weathershield Exterior Matt


Warm rusted brown tones

Porters Industrial Lustre Herculaneum

Dulux Natural White     Haymes The Dom

Crommelin Timber Restorer & Sealer


Dark metal grey

Porters Industrial Lustre Silver Ash

Dulux Lexicon 1/2          Haymes City Stone

Dulux Exterior Texture Full Cover

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