Industrial Farmhouse

Do you like a bit of classic rustic but also like modern with an industrial feel?  Then Industrial Farmhouse is your style!  Industrial Farmhouse is all about these two styles meeting together to achieve a timeless but modern look.  Industrial Farmhouse has the warmth and extra character that other modern styles sometimes lack.  Think rustic large scaled timber pieces and features, exposed natural brick and stone with more polished industrial metals to create this look.  Industrial Farmhouse is all about detail so don't forget to add these finishing touches to your space with character mouldings and joinery profiles, timber cladding and exposed timber beams, pressed metals etc.  The great thing about Industrial Farmhouse is that this style is easy to create yourself as you can work with any existing rustic pieces you may already have simply by adding some modern decor to bring your space and pieces up to date.  We have found some creative ways in how you can reclaim your space and pieces by styling with Industrial Farmhouse.

Tip: When creating Industrial Farmhouse keep all paintwork neutral to highlight the natural materials that are made up of this decorating style.  If you find you need some depth to your space, then add some darker features such as black window frames, black light fittings, furniture etc.  Not only will these darker features help to ground your room, but also add some definition to the neautral palette as well as providing a great contrast against any natural materials used such as timbers, metals, bricks, stone etc.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Modesty White

Porters Alpen

Porters Cotton Boll

Dulux Lexicon Half

Dulux Snowy Mountains

Colorbond Monument

Dulux Precision Stain & Mould


Dulux Wash&Wear +
Superhide Low Sheen White


Feast Watson Liming White
Floor Finish


Replik Wallpaper J868-09

Anaglypta Berkeley RD125
Paintable Wallpaper


Zepel Metal Plate 01-Pewter

Images sourced from Pinterest

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