How to Steampunk your Interior!

Steampunk is all about mixing the old with the new.  Think Victorian meets Industrial!  It's also a great way to modernise your interior if you have lots of traditional key pieces.  Not sure what Steampunk is all about, well we have found some great ideas on how you can Steampunk your interior!

Textured Walls

Textured walls are a great way to add some Steampunk to any room.  When adding texture walls, think of raw materials and finishes and anything that can look aged.  Rust, exposed brick and concrete can easily give your room that Steampunk feel.  If you don't already have these materials on your walls, then add them with wallpaper or paint.  Milton King have some perfect wallpapers which are inspired by the Steampunk theme: Kemra Bookshelf KEM041W, Kemra Chalbury KEM018W, Kemra Chesterfield KEM043W, Kemra Library Card KEM051W, Kemra Amityville KEM024W, Kemra Camden Factory Bricks KEM058W, Kemra Clubhouse KEM015W, Kemra Cement Panelling KEM017W, Kemra Letter Press KEM026W, Kemra Picture This KEM022W, Kemra Soft White Brick KEM035W, Kemra White Wash Bricks KEM027W, Kemra Vintage Drawers KEM042W.

Otherwise if you'd prefer to create the texture yourself, then why not play around with Haymes Designer Real Copper Paint or Haymes Designer Real Iron Paint and other textures like Dulux Design Stone or Dulux Design Suede Paint.


Touch of quirky

Add some quirkiness to your room with some Steampunk inspired key items and accessories.  These compliment well with any traditional items like Chesterfield sofas or Victorian style furniture.  Antique shops are definitely a good place to source some of these quirky items or why not make your own key piece by doing some upcycling!



All images courtesy of Pinterest.