How To Decorate: With Chevron

You might have noticed that one of the biggest trends at the moment is Chevron.  You can find this type of pattern in wallpapers, fabrics, soft furnishings, flooring and tiles.  The question is how do you use it without making your room look too busy?  Well, we've got some ideas to show you!


An easy way to add the Chevron pattern into any room is by adding it to your walls.  Depending on how adventerous you are feeling, you can either paint the Chevron pattern onto your walls yourself or use wallpaper.  By painting the pattern yourself, you can be as creative as you like by playing around with colours and pattern.  You'll just need to use a good painters tape like our 3M Scotch-Blue Painters Tape for delicate surfaces 2080 to mask your design before you apply the paint.  If this sounds too daunting to you, then wallpaper may be your solution!  Art of Living make some great Chevron Wallpapers, click here to view Art of Living 49452 or Art of Living 49453.



Using Chevron on your flooing can be a great way if you want to draw attention downwards in a room (especially if you are trying to disguise any flaws on your ceilings or anything above eye level).  If this is your intention, think of using bold Chevron patterns and strong contrasting colours, like black and white.  There are plenty of rugs you can find on the market with the Chevron pattern if you don't want to update your entire flooring or are working with a budget.  Here are some great Chevron flooring ideas. 

Stairs & fireplaces

Do you have a set of stairs or a fireplace that is looking a little bland but you don't know what to do with it?  Why not add the Chevron pattern using paint, timber stain, tiles or wallpaper.  If using on or near a fireplace, just make sure the materials you have selected to use are heat resistant!


Artwork, accessories & key pieces

If you only want to add a touch of Chevron to your room, then add some Chevron inspired artwork or accessories.  Artwork is an easy thing you can make yourself either using wallpaper or painting the Chevron pattern on some canvas.  Or why not make your own Chevron artwork with timber?  Furniture key pieces can also easily be transformed with the Chevron pattern using a bit of paint or timber stain.  Or even doors or ceilings!  The options are endless!


All images courtesy of Pinterest.